Me loves my…..

Custom built chicken palace…a.k.a Coop De Grace

Dimensions: 6ft wide, 12ft long, 8ft tall at highest point, 6ft tall at lowest point

chichens n coop 046

Features:  Peekaboo single leaf – double pane barn door; elevated solid wood roosting box with round porthole and interior mini access door to coop, 6 nesting boxes and 2 roosting bars; 5 gallon double chicken nipple waterer; removable ramp; two extra large exterior access points to elevated roosting box and two interior access point for ingress/egress and easy cleaning.

chichens n coop 049

Why its the ultimate in backyard coopery:

  1. This thing is totally critter proof.  Racoons would need a chainsaw and tinsnips to break into the roosting box, as its made of .5 solid untreated ply wood.  The barn door has a latch on each pane, both of which would have to be triggered for access to the coop and even then, there is a mini door to the roosting box with yet another latch.  We trenched 12 inches of chicken wire into rock solid clay-kalichi – the coop is bombproof even after a deluge.
  2. No need to set foot in the coop to clean the roosting box.  The roosting box is as wide as a standard rake is long, enabling you to take a few swipes with a garden rake from the outside of the coop for cleaning.  At 6ft tall at the lowest point, no need to stoop to clean inside the coop – similarly the bottom of the elevated roosting box is waist high – no need to stoop or bend to clean the roosting box either.

chichens n coop 050

chichens n coop 062

3. It looks amazing.  The picture speaks for itself.  Form and function combine to provide a safe, functional and downright architectural aesthetic to your backyard…

Photo by: Erik Moore

Photo by: Erik Moore

For more information on custom built coops, please contact me at:

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