Hipster Chicken Lays an Egg

chickens 030

chickens 028

Fanny laid our first family egg on Thanksgiving day.  Never mind that we (as you can see in my previous post) have provided the ladies with 5 roomy, well-nested, pristine, dark and secure laying boxes… they didn’t want those boxes.  After an insultingly brief inspection of said nesting boxes, punctuated by very vocal objections, they were deemed simply not good enough and no amount of coaxing, placing, cajoling or baiting could get Fanny to sit in one of those boxes.  And so began her search for the perfect nest.  I always wondered if I would know when the ladies were ready to lay and let me just say that if you have ever seen an almost laying chicken looking for an appropriate nest, you WILL know…god you will hear it that’s for sure. If Fanny’s behavior is any indication, it must be like having to go to the bathroom at work and finding all the stalls occupied; or worse yet, like when someone has been sitting in that middle stall for half an hour and all you want is some peaceful solitary toilet time, but dammit if it doesn’t turn in to a showdown of who is going to make the first embarrassing noise.  By the looks of her, it MUST be at least that desperate  because no corner, nook, cranny, roof, ledge, bush or wheelbarrow was overlooked in the search for the perfect nest.  All day this search lasted, accompanied by a great deal of very alarmed and very unsatisfied clucking.  But finally, FINALLY after the 14th inspection, Fanny had found her nest…in quite possibly the most ill-suited location in the entire yard…the only place worse would be the fire pit (not surprisingly a close second for Ms. Fanny). And from that location she would not be budged.  Not only would our Hipster Chicken not be budged, but all of the other chickens took note and nothing else would do for any of them.  Oh,  “just move the bike to the front yard” you say…oh really?

chichens n coop 034

Despite multiple rescue attempts by the ladies, our favorite vintage road bike was finally and permanently sequestered to one of the metal sheds out back.  Shortly thereafter the ladies did finally settle into the nesting boxes.  Or box rather…singular.  Only one…that one on the far left. That one box between seven chickens.  Of course.

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