Wholly Cow!

Upon arriving home from a week long trip to balmy Wisconsin (more on that later) we, not surprisingly, were faced with an empty fridge and a serious case of the lazies.   So after a day of scrounging for desperate leftover meals a la stoned wheat crackers, butter and Tabasco (this was M’s idea, btw and he loved it), we decided to just eat out for dinner.   Luckily for us, it was Flauta night at one of our favorite local dives, Wholly Cow Burgers.  To my knowledge, they serve the only reasonably priced pasture-raised, grass-fed and finished local beef burgers in town.  Best of all, they taste amazing compared to any other burgers in Austin, not just happy beef burgers.

WC has two locations, one of which is located just down the street from us in the Zen Food Mart on South Lamar.  This means we don’t have to drive far and I can go there in my pajamas if I want to.  A note about atmosphere…this place is inside of a food mart and it’s about what you would expect.  If you are looking for mood lighting and ambiance perhaps the Congress location can provide the shi shi you are looking for (i.e. this is not a 3rd date destination).  However, the food and general laid back bad assedness more than make up for the overhead lighting and food mart atmosphere.  BONUS…every Tuesday is flauta night and for $6.50 you get 3 handmade beef or chicken flautas, beans and rice.  And if you think the burgers are good…then I’m just going to go ahead and say it.  The flautas ARE the best in town.  If you find a flauta you like better, let me know.  But these are the real deal.  Also…if you still aren’t convinced, I have a few words for you: Grass-Fed Beef Frito Pie.  I haven’t tried it yet.  But I’m really excited about it.

Below…because I missed my chickens…is a picture of Rue pretending to be a songbird or “percher”.  Chickens are not supposed to be able to do this…but she does. And yes, that is my clean laundry. Sigh.

garden pics 003

garden pics 004

One thought on “Wholly Cow!

  1. Oh, little Rue. She is the best chicken I have ever known – although I must admit I haven’t “known” many. She is definitely a social chicken.

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