Hello Michelle, this is Close calling….

I like to think that 2013 is off to a bitchin start.  We are embarking on a whole new phase in our lives and have a solid plan on how to achieve our little homesteading dream.  I’m feeling engaged by all of my extracurriculars and am cautiously optimistic about finding a sustainable way to generate income that won’t compromise my values.  My friends and family are all happy, healthy and doing well and my chickens are fat, happy and laying.  Shoot, we even splurged and bought cookies for desert this evening – which we never do because we are sugar addicts and enablers.   Life is good.

But, as in all things, there is a balance.  Equilibrium, apparently, must be maintained in all things.  Good needs bad.  Dark needs light, and so on.    In my case, this “balance” has been achieved by robbing me of mine.  Entirely.  Totally.  Utterly.  I swear I have busted more ass in the first month of 2013 than in the last 5 years.  And not just in the little ways.  Not just tripping over hiking boots by my front door or getting my feet tangled in the viney remains of our St. Augustine and almost crushing the chickens.  I’m talking full-blown face plants and 4 points of contact straight to the ground at velocity.

Take,  for example, our 2nd ever Souf Side progressive potluck.   A progressive potluck is when you and select friends (the ones you happen to live closest to) eat a 5 course meal with one meal at each house, punctuated by frosty adult beverages and short but eventful bike rides to each domicile.  On the way to our house, I slipped (due in large part to the flip-flops I never wear when riding) and landed on my left toes, left knee, left hand and left elbow all at once, with my elbow and knee bearing the brunt of the fall.  It was brutal.  The kind of fall that leaves you queasy for 15 minutes after and makes you have to sleep on your right side all week, because you can’t comfortably lay on your left.  It was a sight to behold.  Yet….Somehow…..Nothing compared to the magnum opus face plant I experienced just a week prior.  Words do not adequately convey the annoying and unnecessary stupidity of that fall.  Luckily for you…Michel got it on video.  Of course.

Luckily for me, the ambient temperature was well below freezing and zero.  In other words, no need to hold a frozen pork chop to your face when its colder outside than frozen meat.

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