Busy, busy!

So….because we didn’t have enough on our plate at the beginning of the year already, we decided to move the long-awaited Phase II Ranch Style 50’s Recovery Remodel to the top of the list.   And because that wasn’t enough, I decided to take on some part time consulting work to ease our pocketbooks AND get started on finally finishing my thesis (sigh).  Which, not surprisingly, is why its been almost 3 weeks since my last post – I have no creative energy to spare.  That and I’m working on making myself a less crazy, worried and neurotic person, which is ALOT of work, as anyone who spends enough time with me can attest.  In any event, I digress…back to Phase II of our remodel.

Our first home came to us from the late 50’s and early 60’s virtually untouched..like stepping into a gentler time full of pastels, ruffles and pine.  The former owners had lived in the home for over 50 years and had changed very little…except perhaps for some quirky additions here and there, consisting mainly of carpet and storage. LOTS of storage.  You need to store something? You should have bought our house.  Need storage above the shower? Why build a giant cabinet there!  Need storage in the hallway that connects the living room to the bedrooms? Build a closet there!  Need storage in your entrance room? Build an 8×8 foot walk-in closet there!  Need more storage in your master bedroom? knock down the wall and add a 3rd closet in there! Need more storage in the dining room? Build an ENTIRE wall of faux pine storage cabinets there! Need closet in the living room? Add a small wall of faux pine cubbies to match the cabinets in the dining room!  Perhaps after 50-60 years, I too will require that much storage.  However, M. and I are just starting out and I’m a purger with what amounts to a pathological fear of clutter and accumulation, so perhaps not.  Nothing personal against the really lovely folks who agreed to sell us their home and its 5 decades of happy memory energy – we just have different needs and aesthetics.

So out came the storage, along with a great deal of of pine paneling and most of everything else in the house (more on that later).  After 3 months of total destruction and chaos (think early 20th century slum), we had a home.  Not everything on our “to do” list was checked, but after months of working on and project managing an almost complete remodel (full of time consuming and expensive surprises), we were done.  Little things like the back patio, landscaping, kitchen cabinets and bathrooms would have to wait.  Since then, we have slowly been chipping away at that list. But the real work…the real game changer, second only to kitchen cabinets, is the bathroom remodel (bathrooms, actually).   Cut to present day, Part 1 of Phase II remodel – the master bath.  The first picture is our master bathroom in all of its late 50’s glory.  At the time of this photo, we hadn’t even bought the house yet.  However, its the only photo I have of it prior to the remodel.

old bat 1

old bat 2

Below are pics of our bathroom in transition – like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly…or a dowdy fading human turning into a sleek monochromatic vampire…So Excited.

bat tran 1

bat tran 2

bat tran 3

bat tran 4

bat tran part 2 -1

bat tran part 2-2

bat tran 3-1

bat tran 3-2

This is the part where I mention that we haven’t technically completed the remodel yet 🙂

Stay tuned for pics of our glorious new bathroom in the coming days.  As a parting shot, I’ve included a pic of Rue below…because chickens are awesome creatures that prove you don’t always need a good reason to do something…sometimes you can perch on top of a door just because it looks fun and because you can.

Bathroom and Rue 012

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