Ok….I might as well just say it…this post is going to be a bit ranty….shoot…its very much a rant.  But a day old rant, so I’ve had time to think about it and let the fire subside a bit.   Its actually not that big a deal…the topic of my rant.  I think I might just be angry about a much larger, more important issue.  I was going to rant about said more important issue, but the truth is…the people who agree with me are only going to agree with me more and the people who don’t, won’t change their minds based on one pissed off blog post.  I’m hoping that those who don’t agree with me on said more important issue, either a) have a life changing experience that forces them to reconsider a very nuanced and difficult decision that should be a matter of personal choice and not sweeping legislative restrictions enacted by largely conservative white male politicians in the name of  “family values”, when those self-same politicians support the personal right to potentially kill someone with a semi-automatic handgun and the murder of a human being vis-a-vis capital punishment and also often support cuts to programs that promote sex education, education in general, health care in general, health care for women, and a myriad of other social services programs designed to help those families/children that those self-same conservative white male politicians appear to have no interest in helping beyond the point of birth (family values?)  or b) promptly “age out of the population” for lack of a better word.  The latter, at least, will happen.  It can’t happen soon enough, frankly.  But time is on my side.  As it has been with every other issue related to civil liberties.  But I digress….seriously.

The real topic of this blog post is much, much, less important in the grand scheme, but still important to me.  I was walking around Town Lake the other day with a very good friend of mine and its hot out there folks.  Like triple digits.  Lucky for us, town lake kindly provides water fountains every mile or two.  Its a lifesaver for walkers or runners out there who don’t want to pack in their own liquids on a long walk/run.  However, this very good friend of mine won’t go near them – the fountains.  For weeks, I’ve been trying to convince her that she won’t catch the plague by drinking out of a public water fountain, geeez.  Its not like people wrap their mouths around those things…most people are very careful not to touch the spout with their lips because EW for them and EW for everyone else.  Its a matter of consideration.  So we are walking up to the water fountain right there at Riverside and Lamar, under the trees by the tiny parking lot across from Paggi House and what do I spy with my little eye?

This guy and his female friend are holding a VERY cute little hound dog puppy up to the the water fountain spout to drink from it.  FOLKS.  For those who don’t walk the lake, each water fountain has a spout underneath for just such an occasion.  Some good Samaritan out there has even provided free dog bowls at most water fountains, just for the dogs of Town Lake.  And in case that’s not enough….FOLKS…..THERE ARE SEVERAL MILLION GALLONS OF WATER 10 FEET TO YOUR LEFT.  Its called Town LAKE…..and its a DOG, not a toddler.  It EATS ITS OWN POOP on occasion.  Don’t make me share germs/water with your admittedly adorable puppy.  If you are content to share germs with it…awesome…I probably have several versions of avian specific germs, but I’m not going to insist that you share in them by bringing my chickens to splash in the water fountain.  Needless to say, my very good friend gave me a knowing look, as if to say, “SEE!!!” and kept walking.  And dammit if I had no retort.  So I walk up to this couple and kindly ask them to please not use the people spout for the dog and point out the dog spout beneath the people spout.  The  female dog owner was completely dumbfounded by this request and the guy replies  “it wasn’t anywhere near the actual water source” and “have a nice day” dripping in “F*ck you” tones.    My reply to that is THIS. (Mom – the orange means click on the word “THIS”).  Or see below:


I may not be a dog owner, but I have a few friends who are, and that saliva-water  goes everywhere.   There is always a veritable splash pad around the bowl.  Again, maybe this is no problem for you.  Great, share a cup at home with Fido.  But don’t make everybody else do so.  Its RUDE.  And if saying that makes me a harpy, then bring it on…I’ll get you my pretties…and your little dog too.


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