I am a 33 year old, Austin-based chicken whisperer and aspiring film producer, author and homesteader.  After almost a decade of working the quintessential 9-5 in a windowless grey cube,  I had a moment.  A BIG moment.  So in July of 2012, with the support of my soul mate, friends and (shockingly) family, I quit my job and made a commitment to find my happy place at any cost.  I have officially renounced office jobs, a sedentary lifestyle, crappy food, disproportionately high stress levels, sleepless nights and mornings, crippling anxiety and the exhaustion and utter deficit of passion that results from this way of life.   This blog will follow me as I start…from scratch…all over again.

As an aside and an indication of the flavor of the blog topics to come, I love and pursue knowledge of the following without apology: chickens and other farm animals, my garden in every season, permaculture, raising insects (bees and mealworms), baking bread, food in its every form and setting, travel, running, and rediscovering how to do basic everyday things in the old way…from scratch.

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