Who? Why? WTF?

So…I’m assuming that, if you find yourself on my blog at some point, you are going wonder one or more of the following: 1) who the hell is this person? 2) why should you care about anything Michelle has to say?  3) why blog about it? and 4) what is up with the pathological love of all things chicken?

Addressing the aforementioned points in order:

1) I’m 33 years old.  I’m mouthy, impulsive, impatient and a bit judgy but am working towards increased inner peace, happiness, kindness and empathy. These are my goals and if you are annoyed by them, we probably won’t get along.  I live in Austin.  I love to run, tend my garden, read, write, travel, hang with the chickens, dream (attempting), make new friends, go out dancing when not feeling like an old lady, hang out with my amazing old friends and awesome family (biological and in-laws both), and be in love with my soulmate and best friend – not in that order.

I am also in transition.  I quit my job 6 months ago.  I have forsaken my education.  I have no “direction”.  I am opting out….officially…clearly.  I should be a wreck.  No “job”.  No “purpose”.  No clearly defined sense of “value” measured in terms of income or “career”.  And I have never been happier.  I am lucky to be in a position where I can elect to be happy and for that I am grateful and blessed by circumstance.  Did I mention, I’m opting out?  All this time I’ve been killing myself trying to eke out enough cash to meet my so called needs and find some sense of security, all the while sacrificing my dreams and values in the process.  Not to mention time.  That most precious of all resources.  Clearly, there was a flaw in my approach.

Its taken me some time to figure it out.   So this is what I’ve learned.  Needs are not wants.  Needs being food, shelter, water, comfort, love, things you NEED to survive and be sated.  Wants being everything else – i.e. luxury items – the list is innumerable.  Wants are insatiable and unnecessary and ergo negotiable.  Needs, for me, are manageable.  So I flipped it.  Reduce monetary wants and focus on the needs.  As it turns out my needs are quite Spartan.  So yes, I have a 90’s era flip phone.  I spend $3.00 a week on gas for my scooter.  I grocery shop and cook at home.  I have happy hour at a friend’s house instead of going out most of the time.  I don’t buy new clothes.  We hunt and fish our meat.  I have learned to embrace grains and beans in their every form – so cheap!  DIY is my/our ongoing mantra.  I don’t leave the lights on.  I make sure not to run the water.  We learned to wear less clothes in the house when its hot and wear more when its cold.  Its amazing how the little things add up and ultimately subtract from your overhead in a big way – which allows you live on less, work less and live more.  So this is me.  My new life.  My new goals.

2) You probably shouldn’t.  Its just a blog and ultimately an ego trip like most social media.  But its fun – and one of my luxuries.  I do it for me.  And my family and friends. Some care and are interested – ooooh altruism.

3) Because I have the time.  Because I can.  Because something might be useful to someone out there.  Because chicken people are the new cat people.

4) Because I admire the majestic domestic chicken.  Behold, the Tao of Chicken.  Chickens live utterly in the moment, the now.  Chickens are novelty seekers – constantly curious about new things.  Chickens assert themselves – or at least mine do.  Chickens are confident and determined to a fault.  They will find a way to do what they want to do – they remain undeterred.   Chickens are loyal to their family while reserving the right to give their family a hard time and maintain an established hierarchy.  Chickens produce something with potential every day – an egg, for example.  Chickens wake up early and go to bed early with ease (something I may never achieve).  Chickens can eat whatever they want and it only adds to their value.  We could learn alot from chickens.  Just sayin.

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